Celtic  Anabaptist  Ministries
                                                 A Free Church

 The CAC is a free church; the Celtic Anabaptist Communion being a free church means
 the following:

 The office of presiding minister and the CAC headquarters/home office will be financially
 sustained by the following spontaneous methods: donations, gifts, freewill offerings, voluntary
 tithes. It may also receive proceeds from investments, etc.

 It must be emphasized that at no time will the presiding minister take or receive a predetermined
 or set salary, or any kind of salary, from Celtic Anabaptist Ministries or the Celtic Anabaptist
 Communion. The presiding minister is neither an employee of this Ministry or Church, nor a
 "self-employed minister"; Celtic Anabaptist Ministries/Communion is NOT a withholding agent
 of the government - therefore no W-2 forms or 1099 forms will be prepared for or applied to the
 presiding minister. This Ministry and Church Communion, exemplified in the aforesaid beliefs
 and actions of the presiding minister, is thus a "FREE CHURCH" in organization, philosophy,
 and practice. It is NOT an agent of, or for, the state. The CAC and all associated ministries and
 orders are FREE -- not affiliated with, related to, or controlled by the state in any way.

 The CAC presiding minister recommends that local affiliated churches not seek incorporation or
 formally file for 501(c)3 status but will not demand this from local churches. Since individual
 ministers and congregations have a high degree of autonomy within the larger CAC jurisdiction,
 these individual local churches may or may not incorporate and/or file for 501(c)3 status as they
 see fit.

 However, the national/international CAC jurisdiction will not seek incorporation or formally apply
 for 501(c)3 status; these steps are not required for a church to be "tax-exempt"; churches and
 their related associations and auxiliaries are automatically non-taxable.

 It is the opinion of the presiding minister that incorporating and obtaining formal 501(c)3 status
 interferes with the "free church" status and makes a church subject to the demands of the state.
 Freedom to disagree is still given in this matter.

 To repeat once again: The CAC allows individual local churches, fellowships, and ministries
 freedom of choice with regard to this matter.

 It is the intent of the presiding minister that the national/international CAC jurisdiction will
 forever remain a free church, unencumbered by the state or secular order.