Celtic - Anabaptist - Ministries
                                   Anglican Mission in the Americas

The CAC shares some beliefs and practices with the Anglican Communion. Some of us use the Book of Common Prayer in our personal devotions, and I as the presiding bishop of the CAC use the 1979 BCP for ordination of our ministerial candidates.

Over the past months, I have been in dialogue with various leaders of the Anglican Mission in the Americas; this group of Anglican Christians was founded more than a decade ago to uphold and preserve orthodox Anglicanism. Recently, the Anglican Mission has reorganized itself into a “Society of Mission and Apostolic Works”. Rather than follow a traditional denominational structure, the new AMiA has elected to function as a Mission Society. What this involves is seeking to follow the ancient Celtic way of evangelism – a way that is relational rather than institutional.

Of course I find this very attractive, as that is also the vision of the CAC. I reached out to leaders in the Anglican Mission several months ago to see if we might be able to work together to further the Kingdom of God. I was informed about an AMiA provision for those of Episcopal order from other Communions to join the AMiA as Associate Members and share in the vision and mission of the Society. This Associate Membership is called the Fellowship of St. Aidan and St. Columba. I applied for membership, and I am delighted to say that I was accepted! Fr. Kevin Donlon, Canon for Ecclesiastical Affairs for the Anglican Mission, was a tremendous help in this process. I am looking forward to getting to know the ministers and members of the AMiA and working with them to advance the Gospel of Jesus Christ!

I have already had the opportunity to worship in an AMiA congregation, and it was the most moving worship that I have ever experienced. The people were loving and caring; I could see the Light of Jesus Christ in them.

I encourage all our members to get to know the AMiA, and, if there is a congregation near you, to worship with them whenever possible. I am including a link to the AMiA website so that our CAC members may read about the AMiA.

The Anglican Mission in the Americas is a wonderful new expression of the Gospel and the beauty of Anglican worship that God is using to reach the unchurched. This is indeed a missionary outreach worthy of support and prayer.

Get to know the Anglican Mission here:   http://www.theamia.org/

-- Archbishop ++Michael Wrenn, OCAW, OStI, CSM, D.D. (h.c.)
   Christmas Eve, 2012