Celtic Anabaptist Ministries

Black-robed Regiment
Just as American pastors stood for civil and religious liberty during the days of the American Revolution, there is a need today for pastors, and others, to do the same. Those pastors of that day who stood and spoke for such liberty were given the name "Black-robed Regiment" because of the black clergy robes they wore when proclaiming liberty from their pulpits.

Today, when our religious liberty and other liberties are being threatened anew by a belligerent, radical totalitarianism, there is a desperate need for pastors and others to stand up and speak out against this threat and to defend civil and religious liberty. There is a need to defend the United States Constitution and Bill of Rights, including what is perhaps our most precious freedom -- freedom of speech. With the growth of freedom deniers in media, government, big business, and big tech, God is calling a new generation of pastors, non-ordained Christians, and members of other religions to rise up in defense of freedom! If we do not, we are in grave danger of losing those precious freedoms for which those who came before us suffered and died. These freedoms have been won for us with a great price -- bought by the blood of our ancestors.

I am thus here and now issuing a clarion call for Christian clergy, Christian laity, Jews, Muslims, and those of any religion and none to join forces to defend our precious freedoms embodied in our U.S. Constitution. I am further calling for and hereby formally declaring the foundation of a new Black-robed Regiment in the Celtic Anabaptist Communion. It will be made up of both the ordained and the non-ordained. Outside the USA, membership in the CAC Black-robed Regiment will be available for those who pledge to defend civil and religious liberty in their home countries, including freedom of speech.

I must now stress that this is a non-violent movement. The CAC Black-robed Regiment will conduct themselves according to the moral and ethical teachings of Jesus Christ. Membership is open to Republicans, Democrats, Independents, and members of other political parties, or of no political party. It is open to everyone who loves liberty and is committed to defending, supporting, and preserving it. So, we shall be truly nonpartisan in that respect. Liberty MUST be defended against all its enemies, whether of the totalitarianism coming from the extreme left or extreme right.

One of the ways to fight for liberty is not to do business with those who seek to suppress and deny freedom. I pledge, as the founder of the CAC Black-robed Regiment --as much as is possible -- not to do business with any such freedom-suppressing, freedom-denying company or organization. For example, for internet search engines, I am using and will continue to use DuckDuckGo and SwissCows, and I urge others to do likewise. Also, if privacy is an issue, I would urge use of these search engines for that reason also.

I will prepare a membership document for the CAC Black-robed Regiment so that anyone who wishes to join may get this membership certificate.

We may feel that we are isolated and relatively helpless in this struggle -- and it has become and definitely is a very serious struggle -- but we are not alone. God is with us always, and I pray that he will strengthen each one of us individually, and that He will support and strengthen us together as part of the Celtic Anabaptist Communion Black-robed Regiment -- defenders of LIBERTY!

Brother Michael Wrenn, Abp.