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The CAC is pleased to announce the following persons consecrated or received as bishops in our communion:

Thomas G. Cole, D.D.

Thomas, pictured with wife Gwen, reside in
Byrnedale, Pennsylvania; both have been
received as pastors/priests in the CAC.
Thomas pastors the Byrnedale Union Bible
Anabaptist Church and founded Unified
Christian Gospel Association, chartered by
Saint Luke Evangelical Christian Ministries.
He also has chaplaincies at the local hospital
and nursing home. We warmly welcome
Bishop Thomas and Pastor Gwen into the CAC.

More on Tom Cole (now ordained a bishop ) and Wife, Gwen (now ordained a minister/priestess)

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Benjamin Barnes

Benjamin is from Demopolis, AL; he is also a newly elected bishop for the New Testament Episcopal Missionary Archdiocese of the Good News. Benjamin was consecrated as a bishop by Abp. Michael Wrenn and his jurisdiction is in full communion with the CAC and with Archbishop Rodney Rickard's Primitive Catholic Church. Archbishop Rickard has elevated Benjamin to the position of Archbishop.

Dr. Godwin Osung

Dr. Godwin Osung is President/Founder of
The African Project (Godwin Osung
International Foundation Inc.) and People
Against Widows Maltreatment (PAWIM),
A Non Governmental Organization,
Headquartered in Nigeria, West Africa.
Orphanage. He is also the Proprietor of
Morning Star Academy (Nursery/ Primary
School ). He is a dynamic spirit filled Minister
of the gospel with signs and wonders. Sound and pragmatic, he has the desire that Africa’s lost glory must be restored.

He is an Evangelist to all nations of the earth. A Pastor, Evangelist, Teacher, Prophet and Apostle operating in the five fold ministries. He is articulate and forthright. He holds Bachelor, Master and Doctorate degrees in missionary ministries, also National Certificate in Education (NCE) from Akwa Ibom State College of Education, Afahansit, Uyo, Nigeria. God has also blessed the life of Dr. Osung with an honorary Doctor of Divinity. He is Representative of Sonday International Inc. USA to Africa, National Director of: World Council of Independent Christian Churches (WCICC), USA . He works closely with other organizations to the glory of God.

He plays regular host to international conferences around the world.He is married to Wealth, marriage is blessed with Kathi and Goodnews. As an international crusader, his footprint has touched and affected Many Countries In Africa: Ghana, Sierra Leone, Togo, Benin Republic, Cameroon, etc.

As an International Evangelist, He has authored “Signing Blind Contract”, “I will Laugh Again.” And "Breaking Impossible Records", "It Must Cost You Something", among other books.

To schedule Godwin to minister in your programs, reach him privately here: 08028846245 or 07030160784

or email him privately here:

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The African Project

The African Project (2nd site)

The African Project Orphanage

Godspower E. Adaka

The CAC is pleased to receive Bishop Adaka
 as part of the communion.

Bishop Adaka was born on 10th November
1956 at Akugbene Town in Bomadi Local
Government Area of Delta State of Nigeria
to a pagan family. He is an Ijaw by tribe
(a riverine tribal group in Nigeria). He is
married to Rev. (Mrs.) Jane-Rose M. Adaka,
blessed with 3 children. He gave his life to
Christ in 1982. He attended ALL NATIONS
CITY (Founded by Arch Bishop Benson A.
Idahosa), from 1994 to 1998 and obtained
Diploma in Biblical Studies and Associate of Arts Degree from I.C.I. Co-ordinated by A.N.F.C.B.I. He was called to found the Ministry on 22nd October 1995 and received an Honorary Doctorate award from Grace Christian University, Texas U.S. on 22nd March 2002.

More on Bishop Adaka

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Robert Conley


It is with deep sadness that I must report
that our beloved Bishop Robert Conley has
passed away; it was unexpected and a great

Robert and his wife, Tonya, were residing
in Parkersburg, West Virginia. Robert was
Presiding Bishop of The Society of the Cross,
a Christian Society within the Church Universal.

Bishop Robert and Tonya hosted our very first communion-wide CAC gathering and conference in the summer of 2006. A wonderful time was had by all, and Robert and Tonya were gracious hosts!

Robert was a very dedicated bishop who had a passion for the Gospel. During the time I knew him, we had become good friends; I will miss him terribly.

I ask that everyone keep Tonya and the children in your prayers.

This memorial page will be left here indefinitely as a tribute to our beloved Bishop Robert Conley, with whom we shall all be reunited someday!

God bless Robert, his family, and all the CAC family!

++Elder Michael Wrenn, Abp.

Martin McGuire


Martin lived in West Plains, MO, along with his wife, Tina, and their sons, Martin Lee and Jacob Alexzander. Martin had the distinction of being the first person ordained as a pastor in the CAC, and the first bishop consecrated by the CAC; this consecration occurred in Greenwood, MS, at the Salvation Army Church in the summer of 2004 and was presided over by Abp. Michael Wrenn and Abp. Rodney Rickard.

Martin was since elevated to the office of archbishop.

It is with great sadness that we say good-bye to Martin, but only temporarily, as we will see him and rejoice with him again someday.

Jimmie Warren

The CAC warmly welcomes Jimmie Warren as
a newly-affiliated minister. In Jimmie's words:

"I am Evangelist/Pastor Jimmie W. Warren, the
 founder of Simple Salvation which was inspired
by the Holy Spirit which lead me to start doing a
small TV Show on February 1994 in Spokane
Washington and is now a charter church.

This work is for all those who have had it with old time religion, and fear tactics. If you are tired of FALSE TEACHING and Non-Biblical truths; if you really want to be free in the LORD JESUS CHRIST, then this is one of the many places to come.I have been with many diverse churches along my path of searching for truth.

First I was baptized through my dear grandmother's Pentecostal church in Saint Louis, MO. in 1960 at age 13. Later, in Oct. 1962, I was baptized again, this time at the age of 16 in the CHURCH OF JESUS CHRIST in Livermore, California.

Then the Lord lead me into the WORLD-WIDE CHURCH OF GOD in Oakland, Ca. Through the help of the Holy Spirit I received most of my biblical training and spokesman skills with the WORLD-WIDE CHURCH OF GOD from the years 1966-1976. After ten years with this church, I found a new calling in the search for GOD'S true WORD. I became a visiting minister to those who had left their different churches or who had lost their contact to God because of Religious ideological differences.

I BEGAN holding Bible studies in homes of those who wanted to meet and learn more of God's freedom. Later I helped those who felt lost and abandoned after leaving or being kicked out of their churches. You see GOD'S REAL CHURCH IS SPIRITUAL, NOT IN ANYONE'S BUILDING BUT IN YOU!

I was ordained through the Universal Life Church of Modesto, Ca. on October 4th 1999. I was given the title Evangelist in Nov. 2000. I quit the ULC because they recognize Pagans and Satan ministers the same as Christian ministers. The Holy Spirit had me start Simple Salvation Church of God which became a charter church Feb. 08, 2006.

We have 50 ordained ministers of Simple Salvation Church of God all around this country with 4 other independent chartered churches added as churches of God, sharing this calling.I also became a Chaplain with the United States Corps of Chaplains back in Nov. 22, 2005 to better serve my fellow man.

As Evangelist/Pastor/Chaplain/Bishop I humbly still teach that if you BELIEVE IN THE LORD JESUS CHRIST, repent of your sins, and confess with your mouth that Jesus is your Lord and Master, YOU ARE SAVED BY GRACE! (THIS is a sign of your new life in Christ Jesus), and by Living by the Bible and acting like Christ YOU WILL BE FILLED by the Holy Spirit. This is being saved! Yes, You are saved when you accept Jesus and change your ways! This is all you need, the rest is pure religion."

Simple Salvation Church of God

Email Jimmy Warren

Tom Cargill

Tom Cargill lives in England and has for many
years been called to reach those Christians who
have dropped out of churches for any reason.

He particularly calls Anglican Christians to join
our community if they no longer feel able to
support the way the Anglican communion has
gone. The many Christians who have been
shaken out of established churches is in the
thousands. He was called by God to reach these
and restore and rebuild their wrecked faith. He presented himself to the leadership of the Celtic Anabaptist Communion and invited them to recognize his calling. They did so and he came out of retirement to take up his ministry and anointing.

Tom now has a ministry called The New Celtic Church UK and Ireland. We welcome him warmly into the CAC family.

Tom's ministry website can be found at:

The New Celtic Church UK and Ireland

Email Tom Cargill

Lawrence Smith

Lawrence D. Smith, ordained and concecrated
by laying on of hands by Archbishop Michael
Wrenn, Febuary 26th, 2011.

Born and raised in Northeast Pennsylvania and
now is residing in White Haven, PA.

Lawrence has been in Ministry for 15+ years. Has an in-house church and will have a church building soon.
Also has a bible ministry, as well as a food and clothing ministry.

Is the founder of Faith Christian Ministries Bible Church.

Lawrence has attended the following schools: Full Gospel Bible Institute, Rhema Bible School, Saint James College, All American University, along with many other courses.

Holds a Doctor of Divinity and PHD in Theology.

Email Lawrence Smith

Ajayi Adeyinka Olukeye

We welcome Bishop Olukeye into the CAC. Following is some information for the bishop:

Address: 13 Bello close, Ajangbadi, Ojo local Govt Area, Lagos, Nigeria.

Education: Dip in Theology and B.A in Theology, Faith Theological Seminary, Otta Lagos.
M.A. in theology and Doctor of Min at Grace and Favour Theological Seminary, Ogun State.

Married, with two children. Married in 1994.

Date of Birth: 5th May, 1964, in Osun state Iree.

Name of Church: Promise Faith International, a.k.a. Prayer Intercessory Ministry.

William E. Conner

The Most Reverend +William E. Conner,                         
DD, PhD, is a consecrated Bishop in the
Corpus Christi Ecumenical Fellowship.
He is the rector of St. Francis Anglican Church,
Dallas, Texas. He is the Abbot of the Order of
St. Benedict - CCEF

R. Dale Carpenter

The CAC welcomes Dale Carpenter as an affiliated bishop.

In Dale's own words:

"My name is R. Dale Carpenter. I live in Lincolnton, NC with my wife
Amelia (Amy) Duncan Carpenter. I have one son, John B. Carpenter. I
have been in ordained ministry for 10 years as an independent priest and
bishop with the EACD , the Most Rev. Dr. John P. Johnston ,Presiding
Bishop. I hold undergraduate degrees in Music and Church Music from
Gaston College and East Coast Bible College. I play flugelhorn and
trumpet, and have played in small jazz groups and praise and worship
teams as well. My wife Amy is a classical french horn player with a BM
degree in music education and performance from UNC Charlotte. I have
worked for 25 years as an inpt. Psychiatric Technician at the Center
for Mental Wellness, Caromont Regional Medical Center, Gastonia, NC. It
was work that gave me the focus ...(by God's will ) to have an
interest in Mental Health Chaplaincy. I hold a Ph.D. in Pastoral care
and Counseling from Sanctus Theological Institute . My doctoral essay
is "Man of God"..A Confirmation to Mental Health Chaplaincy." That is
where I find myself today..Trying to pursue the right course for
ministry. I am currently attending at times a new church where I feel
I might be used in ministry. God's grace to the Celtic Anabaptist