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The CAC is pleased to announce the following persons consecrated or received as bishops in our communion:

Ronald Douglas Henson

Ronald was an ordained elder in the Fundamental
Methodist Church. The Celtic Anabaptist Communion
recognized his minister's orders and issued him a
Certificate of Ordination as pastor/priest; later the
CAC honored him for his five decades of service to
the church by recognizing him as "Bishop Emeritus"
in the Celtic Anabaptist Communion.

Charles Moreland

"Chuck" lives in Roseville, Ohio; he is presently
 doing itinerant preaching.

Ron Gillis

Ron has lived in Bangor, Maine; he had been a Salvation Army pastor in Boston, MA, pastor of Washburn Memorial Church in Sherman Mills, ME, and pastor of Whittier Congregational Church in Island Falls, ME.

Roger L. Edens


Roger was born July 12, 1951. He lived in
Indiana where he spent his life with his wife
and in the service of the Lord. Roger went
home to our Lord March 20, 2009.

An ordained minister, chaplain, and registered
nurse, Roger was the Senior Pastor of a
United Methodist Church and the Assistant Pastor
of a Wesleyan Church.

Roger is pictured here with his wife, Shelly.

Among Roger's many accomplishments:

Graduate of Indiana University with a degree in nursing. Indiana licensed Registered Nurse since 1971. Specialized in nursing supervision, management and administration. Certified asa "QMRP" (Qualified Mental Retardation Professional).

Graduate of The Indiana Area Local Pastors License School, 1996.

Other degrees:
Bachelor of Bible Philosophy; Master of Arts in Theology; Doctor of Divinity; Doctor of Metaphysics; Doctor of Practical Theology; Doctor of Sacred Theology.

Graduate of numerous other courses in Bible, Theology, Supervision, Management, Administration and Motivation.

Commissioned as a "Kentucky Colonel" by the Governor ofthe Commonwealth (State) of Kentucky in May, 2003.

Indiana State Commander of The Emergency Medical and Community Chaplains Association (TEMCCA).

Member of the Templar Order of Chaplains; Member of the Templar Order of the Holy Cross; Member of The Prayer Foundation; Member of the Indiana Sheriff's Association; Member of the United States Lighthouse Society; Member of The Presidential Prayer Team; Member of the Order of St. Luke; Chaplain in The International Order of St. Luke the Physician; Member of The Pocket Testament League; Honorary Citizen Member of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.

James A. Groover

James was an ordained minister in The
Lutheran Orthodox Church in Arkansas
when he came into communion with us.
He has been received into our fellowship
and recognized as a CAC bishop.

James is the founder and Presiding Bishop
 Emeritus of the Christian Missionary
Anglican Communion.

Misha Zigas

Misha lives in Australia and ministers to
a church group as well as having a Biker
Ministry. He is the founder of the CAC in
Australia. Misha was one of the first
international CAC bishops.

Solomon O. Okoro

Solomon is Bishop of Faith Word Church
International in Cotonou Republic of
Benin in West Africa. He has been received
into this Communion and recognized
as a CAC bishop.

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John Richards


John resided in St. Albans, West Virginia;
he was a college professor. He was an
ordained priest in a Western Rite Orthodox
church, and had been actively working
as an EMS chaplaincy before he found the CAC.

We are very saddened that we have lost John,
 but we are very glad that John has been
welcomed home, into the immediate presence
 of Jesus, and we look forward to seeing him
 and being with him again someday.

We pray for John's wife and all who loved him, that they will be comforted and given peace, in the knowledge that there will surely come the great reunion day!!

David C. Holdridge


Our beloved David has passed away. He was
one of our earliest ordained ministers. We'll be
overjoyed to be reunited with him someday
when we meet again.

David pastored in a wide range of
independent and denominational churches
and ministries since 1969. He had an
internet ministry, Christ's Church Fellowship,
 and a food ministry, United Food Outreach.

David resided in Roswell, New Mexico.

Bishop David

Bishop David has a ministry in one of the most dangerous regions of the world -- the Middle East. He is the only CAC bishop in that part of the world. For safety reasons, much of his personal information must be kept private.

We are blessed to have Bishop David, a faithful shepherd, in the CAC. Please keep him and his ministry in your prayers.