Celtic - Anabaptist - Ministries
    Minister Ordination in the Celtic Anabaptist Communion

To begin the process of minister ordination in
the Celtic Anabaptist Communion, please read
the following information and then go to the
next page and complete the questionnaire.

Our Communion seeks to include and minister
to all different kinds of people and to the
various streams and traditions within
Christianity. Therefore, if you obtain minister
ordination in the CAC, you may have a ministry that reaches far
and wide and into the deep rivers of the faith.

If there is a bishop in your area, he or she will most likely be available to perform your ordination. In any case, distance will not hinder anyone from minister ordination in the CAC, or licensing herein, as God always makes a way for those who seek to follow Him.

The bishop who ordained and consecrated me, Archbishop Rodney Rickard, is recognized as an archbishop in the historic Apostolic Succession; therefore, if you are ordained by me with laying on of hands, you would be recognized by many Catholics and Anglicans as also being in this Apostolic Succession, and you would be able to minister to those who hold these beliefs. However, I strongly believe that the true Apostolic Succession consists in following the faith of the apostles and has nothing to do with who laid hands on you. Biblical evidence and scholarship show that "elder," "bishop," "pastor," "presbyter," and "overseer" are all synonymous terms for one and the same office. Monarchical bishops, being a historical development, can be traced back to the second century. Thus, apostolic succession and the historic episcopate are ancient forms of ministry and can be beneficial to the church -- provided that apostolic teaching is upheld and maintained.

I also believe any local group of believers, no matter how small, has the right to ordain or license a person to the ministry, with or without the presence of other clergy. The CAC will thus allow and encourage this practice. Further, no ordained person coming from another denomination into the CAC will be required to be reordained.

Please note, however: The CAC is not an ordination mill, nor do we accept credentials given by ordination mills.

To obtain minister ordination in the CAC, or licensing herein, you must complete the questionnaire as the first step in a process which will vary with each individual based on personal background, education, ministry experience, knowledge of church history and theology, etc. This process will also include dialogue by telephone, e-mail, and, when possible, in person. A calling to ministry is a high and serious calling; therefore, minister ordination should not be given with undue haste. The Bible, in 1 Timothy 5:22, says, "Do not be hasty in the laying on of hands." On the other hand, ordination should be available without undue delay. An example of undue delay would be the requirement of four years of college and three years of seminary that some denominations impose on their candidates before they can be ordained. Now, the CAC does not disparage education--theological or otherwise; in fact, we highly value it. We simply leave it to the individual to decide, under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, how much education he/she gets and where he/she gets it. When God calls a person, He does so without the permission or requirements of man. The best and most that man can do is affirm, recognize, and record that calling.

Policy on minister ordination in the CAC allows for ordination by a variety of methods. At present, the ordination service is conducted using the 1979 Book of Common Prayer. (Note: In Acts 14:23 the word "appointed" or "ordained" can mean (1) to stretch out the hand, (2) to appoint [ordain] by show of hands or (3) to appoint or elect [or ordain] without regard to the method. Source: NIV Study Bible).

The philosophy and practice of minister ordination in the CAC encompasses these definitions, meanings, and understandings.

So, now, if you're ready to apply for minister ordination in the CAC, click on the link at the top or click the "Questionnaire" button in the NavBar.