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The CAC is pleased to announce the following persons ordained or received as pastors/ministers by our Communion:

We have been hearing from people from all over the country and overseas who are interested in our growing fellowship. The CAC has truly become an international communion!

Note: This list is in no particular order.

Mark Lane Walker

Mark presently lives in Greenville, South Carolina, where he is studying theology. Mark was called to ministry in 1982, and he has served as a missionary to the Navajo Indians. Mark was licensed with the International Pentecostal Holiness Church and has also served as an associate pastor, a nursing home minister, and as the pastor of Family Life Fellowship in Casa Grande, Arizona.

Aaron Ford

Aaron lives in Florida; he has a ministry called the Independent Society of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Aaron was drawn to the receptiveness of the CAC and our desire to spread the gospel to all people.

Richard Patrick Moore

Richard lives in Clifton Park, NY, with his wife, Julie, and son, Elliot. He has felt called to the ministry for many years; he is interested in a counseling, teaching and writing ministry.

Bryan Wayne Lindner

Bryan lives in Canton, GA; he served as youth minister in Canton Christian Church and presently serves at Toonigh Baptist church as minister and in evangalism outreach.

Claude Louis Hilliard, Jr.

Claude lives in Interlachan, Florida; he has served on the mission board, church teen group, and has taught sunday school in his home church. Claude has felt for the last 5 years that he was called to be a priest. He feels led of the Lord to start a church in his area.

Derek Lee Laforce

Derek is from Kapuskasing, Ontario, Canada. Derek has ministry experience as a deacon and preacher; he has also lead Bible studies, assisted in planting churches, and has trained as an intern-pastor. One of Derek's goals for ministry is to be a church planter. Derek felt drawn to the CAC because he feels a kinship with our Anabaptist heritage and because he believes the CAC is an authentic church.

Update from Derek: "I still am serving on the worship team at the local congregation I am attending as a guitarist and bass player. I'm also involved with the youth group music team. Recently I made a video presentation for the youth group's halloween service on the subject "The Truth about Halloween". It was geared towards a group of very young teenagers, between the ages of 12-18. So naturally I made the message simple and a little upbeat and silly. Lots of humour in the video to keep the youth's attention. Not my natural style of teaching, but like Paul I had to become all things to all men that I may win some.

Recently I also began my own online ministry called "X-treme GraceLife Ministries" where I have a devotional style blog, a forum for bible study and theological discussion, links to youtube videos of some of my favourite bible teachers, worship music, articles, etc. I just went online with the website tonight, so the ministry is that new. Please post a link to my new ministry under my name on the website, so that other Ministers of the Celtic Anabaptist Communion can join the forum and get involved in some discussions and bible studies. In the near future I plan on opening a ministry account on blogtv.com where I will host live bible studies and discussions.

I also have a new email address, which also happens to be the ministries email address: x-treme-gracelife@hotmail.com. I'm so excited about being a member of the Celtic Anabaptist Communion, a truly free church which includes people of all kinds oftheological backgrounds. "

X-treme GraceLife Ministries

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Emilie Boyles

Emilie is an author and published poet.
She has been instrumental in forming a
worship group in her area and actively
works to help those who live in poverty.

Raphael John Zamarron

Ralph lives in Baytown, Texas where he works
as a RN supervisor. He has served as a chaplain
at a local seaman's center. Recently ordained a
pastor in the CAC, he is already working towards
planting a church. He, along with his son, have
started a church named St. Matthew's Church, CAC.

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Richard Kuo-Hsien Cheng

Richard (pictured with wife, Joy) lives in
Fremont, California. He and Joy "raised
a family of four beloved children both in
Taiwan and the United States. We moved
to this country in 1987. I became a Christian
and gained much deeper understanding of
the inner being since accepting Jesus into
my life. Our daughter and elder son were
baptized earlier than us. Joy, our twin sons
and I were baptized in April 1997." Richard
is on full-time church ministries pastoral
staff at The Home of Christ Church in
Fremont. Richard teaches and preaches to Mandarin
congregations and is a volunteer chaplain at Washington Hospital. In the future he plans to travel abroad to perform discipleship training, especially on life application to Bible standards. We are so pleased to have Richard and Joy join us.

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