Celtic   Anabaptist   Ministries

The CAC is pleased to announce the following persons ordained deacons by our Communion:

Harvey Detterline

Harvey lives in Byrnedale, PA; he felt led by God to serve as a deacon in the Byrnedale Union Bible Anabaptist Church. Harvey was ordained as a deacon by Bishop Thomas Cole (ordination picture below).

Gary Neil Baker

Gary resides in McDermott, OH; he has been involved in the following for many years: Sunday School teacher – summer Christian camp counselor, developed and directed a counselor in training program – co-founded a puppet ministry. He is the founder and director of Mission Fiesta, Inc. and has ministered to children's homes, schools and churches in Guatemala, Central America for the past twelve years. Gary oversees all areas and does the planning for trips. Gary was ordained as a deacon in the CAC by Bishop Robert Conley in Parkersburg, WV.