Celtic   Anabaptist   Ministries

Here are documents which can be obtained:

***Credentials packet: This consists of a certificate of ordination, license, or incardination, and a certified legal statement describing the establishment of the Celtic Anabaptist Communion. A Letter of Good Standing and a Pastor Authorization Letter will also be provided. Suggested/requested donation:  $50. This is a one-time donation, as the certificate is good for life.

***Certificate of Membership: This is a membership certificate for those requesting membership in the CAC. Suggested/requested donation:  $10.

***Order of the Celtic Anabaptist Way Membership Certificate: This is a membership certificate for those joining our religious order. Suggested/requested donation:  $10.

***Celtic Anabaptist Communion Black-robed Regiment Membership Certificate. Suggested/requested donation:  $10

***Honorary Doctor of Divinity diploma/certificate:  This is awarded to recognize significant contributions to Christian ministry, service, and/or education.  Suggested/requested donation:  $50

Your donations for these will help ensure that our website is able to continue. This is a way for you to give to this ministry, a ministry which does not require mandatory tithing to the denomination.

The CAC also does not charge a yearly membership fee, a yearly renewal fee, or other such gimmicks as some ministries do which have a web presence. The CAC is a real Communion and not an ordination mill.

However, in order for the CAC to continue to have a web presence, the expenses required to do so cannot and should not be borne entirely by the Office of the Presiding Minister alone.

And, as mentioned earlier, so that the expenses are not borne by a few who are kind, generous, and conscientious enough to send a gift, but rather shared by all, we request that everyone share the cost. In doing this, we do not seek to impose a hardship on anyone, but merely to make it fair and equitable for everyone.

More documents, such as church charters, etc., may be offered if there is sufficient need.

Please send requested donations to:

Brother Michael Wrenn, Abp.
Celtic Anabaptist Communion
2336 Tallaha Road
Tillatoba, MS 38961

Or send donations by Paypal: