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                               Donations to this Ministry

If you would like to make a donation to our ministry it
 will be greatly appreciated.

The CAC does not and will not ever charge a fee for minister ordination or licensing. This website and ministry, however, are not cost-free for me; I incur expenses for web hosting; printing costs for the ordination materials (printer/copier/scanner, paper, ink cartridges, etc.); phone calls; advertising/publicizing the website and ministry; travel; meetings; consultations; day-to-day ministry needs and expenses; and postage -- in dollar amounts per year, this runs into a substantial amount of money.

For this reason, I humbly request a donation for the packet I will give to all who are ordained or licensed. This has proven to be the only way I can manage the costs of this service and continue this website and ministry.

The packet you receive will contain the following: a Certificate of Ordination or Certificate of License, a Letter of Good Standing, a Pastor Authorization Letter, and a notarized document setting forth the legal establishment of the CAC.

For further information on requested donations, please see the "Documents" page.

I really feel that this service I am offering is one part of my calling to ministry - I am fulfilling my calling by helping others to fulfill theirs.

To help continue this website and ministry, I am depending on spontaneous voluntary monetary support, as well as the requested donation for the Ordination/Licensing Credentials packet for those who become ordained or licensed in the CAC.

Other churches expect and even require their members/ministers to tithe and give financially on a regular basis -- every Sunday -- to the local congregation and the denomination; I do not require that money be sent in this manner to the CAC. Our ministers are self-supporting and are financing or helping to finance their own ministries; I will therefore not impose a financial burden upon them by requiring or expecting them to tithe or periodically send money to the CAC headquarters. I will, however, gratefully accept any and all contributions.

It must be emphasized that at no time will the presiding minister take or receive a predetermined or set salary, or any kind of salary, from Celtic Anabaptist Ministries or the Celtic Anabaptist Communion. The presiding minister is neither an employee of this Ministry or Church, nor a "self-employed minister"; Celtic Anabaptist Ministries/Communion is NOT a withholding agent of the government - therefore no W-2 forms or 1099 forms will be prepared for or applied to the presiding minister. This Ministry and Church Communion, exemplified in the aforesaid beliefs and actions of the presiding minister, is thus a "FREE CHURCH" in organization, philosophy, and practice. It is NOT an agent of, or for, the state.

Thank you and God bless you.

Donations may be sent to the following address:

Brother Michael Wrenn, Abp.
Celtic Anabaptist Ministries and Communion
2336 Tallaha Road
Tillatoba, MS 38961

Or send a donation by Paypal: