Celtic   Anabaptist   Ministries
Bishop Thomas G. Cole, D.D., Pastor/Priest/Chaplain

Gwen Iris Cole, Minister/Priestess

Pictured with His Helpmeet, Gwen Cole,
Minister Thomas Cole resides in Byrnedale,
Pennsylvania. He was born April 9, 1939,
Easter Sunday, and was called to the ministry
shortly after his conversion to our Lord and
Savior Jesus Christ, March 31, 1972, Good
Friday. He has preached and written about
being born again in the Spirit and being saved
by Grace. Thomas studied under Pastor Deglar
and Pastor Miller at Calvary Heights Baptist
Temple and was ordained February 15, 1989,
by Victory Baptist Church; is Founder and
Chaplain of Arrow of The Lord Ministries;
was ordained by Harvest Time Ministries
Fellowship, a Southern Baptist/Pentecostal Ministry with Perpetual Ordination on September 1, 1994; was licensed and ordained by Gateway Anabaptist Church June 20, 2000; ordained and licensed by Saint Luke Evangelical Christian Ministries April 7, 2006; received his Honorary Doctor of Divinity degree from Saint Luke Evangelical School of Biblical Studies--also April 7, 2006; founded Unified Christian Gospel Association, chartered by Saint Luke Evangelical Christian Ministries; licensed as a Chaplain/Bishop by the Celtic Anabaptist Communion.
Thomas is pastor of the Byrnedale Union Bible Anabaptist Church and has chaplaincies at the local hospital and nursing homes. He is active in radio and newspaper--spreading the Good News.

Gwen has recently been ordained as a minister/priestess in the CAC.

Chaplain(Col) PCM/Colonial Marines, Chaplain(Officer) {Regemental} United Kingdom Corps of Chaplains, Chaplain(Lt) United States Corps of Chaplains 1st Division.

The Byrnedale Union Bible Anabaptist Church,
The Christian Missionary Anglican Communion(USA-EUROPE-GERMANY,ETC.),
The Pennsylvania Chaplain's Corps,
Saint Philip Neri Christian Catholic(Anglican) Archdiocese

Thomas Cole is now Archbishop of Chaplains, a position he uses to ordain and counsel other chaplains.

Bishop Cole ordaining Harvey Detterline and Donald Smith.