Original Writing

This page and the next few pages are dedicated
to the poetry, music, songs, and other writings of
Wil Michael Wrenn -- author, composer, musician,
and sometimes singer.

Here you will find announcements of recently completed
and/or published poems, songs, etc.

My first published book of original poems is entitled
Songs of Solitude. This book also contains my original
artwork. It was completely designed by me,
including color, type font, and dust jacket.

My second book of poems has been published in 2019 by Silver Bow Publishing of
British Columbia, Canada. The book is entitled Seasons of a Sojourner. It contains
illustrations chosen by me. Layout is by the editor, Candice James, who writes:

"Wil Michael Wrenn writes in the moods, shades and emotional maturity of the late,
great Rod McKuen. His poetry deals with spirituality and nature, life and love, grief and
sorrow. His use of the English language is eloquent yet simple, evocative yet retiring and
most of all his words weave a gentle pathway strewn with emotion leading into the deep
canyons of mind and the tranquil rivers of soul."



My third book of poems has been published, in late-2019, also by Silver Bow Publishing
of British Columbia, Canada. This book is entitled Enid Lake Mosaic. This book
is about memories and experiences of Enid Lake. It contains 23 full-color photographs.
Picture coming soon.
                            Original Writing -- Wil Michael Wrenn