The wind blows cold across the lake--
I think of you.
The chill seems to penetrate
straight to the very marrow
of my bones--
I remember you.
The crystal clear water,
like a giant mirror
lying on the surface of the earth,
reflects the slate blue sky above--
I picture you.
The trees catch the muted rays
of the sun...
The waves ripple...
The leaves rustle...
I divine your presence here--


Forgive me
If I seem a bit uneasy
When I talk about
The not-too-distant past…
Forgive me
If I seem a bit downhearted;
I’d like to say
That I’m okay
And that I’m over you –
Forgive me,
But I can’t.

Forgive me
If I tried a bit too hard
To make you love me;
Forgive me
For telling you so foolishly
And with such a tactless flair
That I loved you.
I was young
And, I guess, a bit naïve
To believe in happy endings,
Though in the movies
It seemed to work out
Just like that –
All so right,
All so fair.

Forgive me
For believing in tomorrow
When I couldn’t even count on today;
Forgive me
For believing you would love me
And insisting
It would always be that way.

Forgive me
If it seems that I avoid you…
It’s not that I hate you –
It’s just that I can’t face you.
Forgive me,
For, you see,
Every time I look at you
I’m reminded too much
Of me
And all the anguish
That I’ve gone through.

And oh, yes, one last thing
Before I forget:
I hope you’ll forgive me
For saying this, too,
Although you may have trouble
Believing that it’s true;
I mean, after all this time
It couldn’t possibly be
That I could still love you –
Well, forgive me…
But I do.

Copyright © 1984 by Pathfinder Publications/Michael Wrenn

The two poems above are taken from my first
book of original poetry entitled Songs of Solitude.


Melancholy days,
wrapped in Autumn's bluish mist,
fill my mind with fading fires of youth;
they linger,
though I would not have them stay.


runs into another,
and my life
seems to melt away...
routines, routines,
and nothing ever changes.
Yet all the while
I'm dying...

I don’t want to wake up
one day
and find my life behind me,
and the only thing
I have to show for it
is that I’ve done
everything I was supposed to do.

I don’t want every day the same –
I want it different, new,
bursting with life,
growing, overflowing,
inside out and upside down.                                                                      
                                                                                             Seasons of a Sojourner Back Cover
I want to turn the world
on its head
and shake it up
and fling it off my shoulders

and let laughter ring out
while it is yet spring,
before leaves have to fall
and cold winds come –
one day.

Copyright © 2019 by Wil Michael Wrenn

These two poems are taken from my second
book of original poems, entitled
Seasons of a Sojourner.

The following poem "The Death
of Innocence" received the Editor's Choice Award
from Vita Brevis Press; it is also included
in Seasons of a Sojourner:


The snow begins to fall 
all around me,
and the pure white flakes
drift silently down,
purifying the air
as they fall.
Gradually covering the ground,
snow covers up imperfection
and fills up all the empty places.
Snow turns this barren landscape
into a dazzling white carpet --
and fresh.  
In the quiet stillness,
hope is reborn;
hearts can renew;
love seems possible again;
goodness is transcendent;  
a dreamer dares to dream again.
In the snowfall,
spirits can soar once more…
and I can almost believe  
I can be happy again,
standing here alone  
on this lake shore                                                                                              Enid Lake Mosaic Back Cover

in the snowfall.

I don’t want to die in a nursing home 
or in a hospital bed  
hooked up to the hoses
pumping food and medicine
in me to keep me alive.
I don’t even want to die like that
in my bed at home.
I wish I could die up at Enid Lake
high on a hill  
looking at the westward sky
just as the sun is going down,
casting a soft warm glow
over land, lake, and wildlife
as it sets the last time  
for me.
If only I could have my wish,
I would choose to go out that way,
surrounded by those I love,
dying with such beauty all around –
the last sight I would see
before eternity.  

Copyright © 2019 by Wil Michael Wrenn

These two poems are taken from my third
book, Enid Lake Mosaic.

Poems are a way of connecting the solitary soul with
others and with the universe. Poetry is probably the oldest
and, some would say, the purest art form. How and why poems
come, and to whom poems come, is a mystery. Poetry can
change lives and circumstances--poems are thus powerful
means of expression. Poetry is all this, and more--still, poems
are simply to be enjoyed and experienced.

Those who are blessed with the gift of writing poems should
pass that gift on to others; that is my purpose with this page--
to pass the gift of these poems to you.

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                            Original Writing -- Wil Michael Wrenn