Celtic Anabaptist Ministries
The CAC will not endorse individual political candidates nor political parties. It is up to each person and his/her conscience as to who to vote for. Guidelines, however, will be suggested here.

Personally, I look at each candidate's moral character and his/her position on individual issues. I try to make sure that those positions line up with the person and teachings of Jesus and the scriptures.

For instance, I try to maintain a consistent ethic on issues of life and death. Therefore, I am pro-life on abortion and against the death penalty. But what if a candidate's position conflicts on these two issues -- that is, what if a candidate is pro-life but also pro capital punishment? I would prioritize in favor of the innocent and thus put the pro-life position ahead of the capital punishment issue. As for political parties, I look at the platform of each party and judge them accordingly.

The bottom line on this is that I could not support a candidate or party that is pro-choice on abortion. That includes the abomination called partial-birth abortion, where a needle is inserted through the baby's skull and its brain sucked out as it is being born. Recently, some governments in the USA have approved of killing babies even after they have been born! This is infanticide! There are no adequate words to describe such abominations as these. Abortionists worship the god, Moloch. These practices are a rebirth of paganism, or, worse, Satanism. They should be condemned in the strongest terms possible, which I do.

Since Roe vs. Wade, 60 million babies have been sacrificed to the god Moloch in the United States.   Source:  https://www.lifenews.com/2018/01/18/60069971-abortions-in-america-since-roe-v-wade-in-1973/

So, to summarize, in choosing a candidate to vote for, the CAC counsels voters to look at a candidate's moral character and stance on individual issues to see if those positions line up with the person and teachings of Jesus and the scriptures. A political party should be evaluated and chosen based on that party's platform.

It is of the utmost importance that Christians support and uphold the sanctity of life.

One of God's greatest gifts to humanity is freedom. Therefore, the individual candidate and party most supportive of freedom should get our vote. That includes freedom of speech and freedom of religion, two of our most cherished freedoms. Control and coercion are not God's will and are not of God. Individual liberty should be protected and promoted. Those who most strongly support liberty should get our vote.

Thus, issues of life and liberty are of primary importance in determining how we should vote.

The preceding are some guidelines for voting. As always, individuals should vote their conscience, and I pray that our consciences are lined up with God's will and purpose.

Brother Michael Wrenn, Abp.