Celtic   Anabaptist   Ministries

                             Order of the Celtic Anabaptist Way

Announcing the formation of the Order of the Celtic Anabaptist Way: a brand new religious order affiliated with the Celtic Anabaptist Communion!! We welcome all who desire to follow this unique way through this unique Order, whether they are members of the CAC or some other denomination, jurisdiction, or fellowship, or even if they have been solitary Seekers and not members of any organized Christian community.

The earliest followers of Jesus were termed followers of the Way, and we want to have those characteristics -- simple and complete devotion to Jesus and not to any denomination or institution.

The Order of the Celtic Anabaptist Way will be a wholistic religious order which emphasizes spiritual, mental, and physical health; a concern and action on behalf of the environment and creation; a concern and action on behalf of the whole person - body, mind, soul, and spirit.

This Order will consist of a dispersed body of disciples, and/or a local gathered body of disciples living in community; in either of these ways of discipleship, both men and women, married and single, clergy and laity (those ministers/members who have been formally ordained and those who haven't) will be accepted, welcomed, and included.

The Order of the Celtic Anabaptist Way will have a passion for carrying the Good News to all God's creation, particularly emphasizing the Resurrection of Jesus.

This Order will be characterized by the "new command" of Jesus in John 13:34, the "Love one another" command, and also by the "greatest commandments" in Matthew 22:37-40 and Mark 12:30-31, where Jesus says to love God with all our being and our neighbor as ourselves.

The Order of the Celtic Anabaptist Way will also ask for and require special and dedicated acts of devotion and practice, above and beyond what is asked or required of the general membership. Such acts will include:

***Fasting - at regular and consistent intervals, to be determined by the individual. It is recommended that members of the Order commit to fasting at least one day of the week on nothing but water. This will serve to cleanse and heal the body and rejuvenate the spirit and mind.

***The body being the temple of the Holy Spirit, the members of the Order should therefore attempt to eat a good diet consisting of whole grains; vegetables and fruits; and seafood for those not opposed to eating meat. A conscious effort should be made to cut back on those foods shown to cause serious health problems when eaten in excess, such as red meat; pork; high-fat foods - particularly those high in saturated fats and trans fats; processed foods, etc.

***Daily prayer and contemplation, preferably in a personal quiet place.

***Regular reading of the Bible and other Christian and spiritual literature. Also, getting to know the spirituality and traditions of other religions can provide an appreciation for the background of others and provide a point of contact. It can also open an awareness that there is something of God in every person, and that God tries to reach every person. Every member of the Order should read devotional literature with this in mind.

***Representing the Light of Christ to others - living the Light of Christ to the world. Members of the Order should especially try to be conscious of doing this in their daily lives, in whatever situation they find themselves, remembering especially that they may be the only Bible someone ever reads. So, be "doers of the Word."

***Be willing to deny oneself, take up the cross, and follow Jesus, wherever that may lead.

***Devote oneself to special acts of charity -- to individuals, worthy causes, and worthy organizations.

***Take the three vows of the Order:
(1) Chastity -- fidelity in marriage and celibacy in singleness;
(2) Obedience -- a person owes spiritual obedience only to God, but a member of the Order will be asked to promise to abide by the principles and practices of the Order;
(3) Poverty -- not single-mindedly or fanatically pursuing material treasures, not coveting or lusting after material things as in the way of the world. Poverty also includes a poverty of spirit which simply means a true Christian humility.

Members of the Order who choose to live in a gathered community in a local chapter may voluntarily take a vow of material poverty and hold all things in common. The national Order would encourage this voluntary action as a witness to the way some disciples in New Testament times chose to live.

Those desiring to become members of the Order of the Celtic Anabaptist Way should submit a membership request in writing to the presiding bishop emeritus at the following address:

Elder Michael Wrenn, Abp.
Order of the Celtic Anabaptist Way
2336 Tallaha Road
Tillatoba, MS 38961

Or, if in the USA, you may contact Bishop Lawrence Smith, abbot of the Order in the USA (contact information in "Bishops" section).

Please print and sign this statement:

"I, (Your name), request membership in the Order of the Celtic Anabaptist Way. I commit myself to upholding and following the principles and practices of the Order, promising to abide by the specific acts of devotion, charity, study, prayer and contemplation, worship, outreach and evangelism, health practices, and the command to love. I will further endeavor to shine forth the Light of Christ. I also willfully and voluntarily take the vows of poverty, chastity, and obedience, as these are understood and practiced by the Order of the Celtic Anabaptist Way."

Signed this (day, month) in the year of our Lord (year).
(Your signature here)

****Note: Those who become members of the Order may place the letters "OCAW" after their names and signatures, signifying their membership in the Order of the Celtic Anabaptist Way.

I request that you please send a gift to help cover the cost of preparing and mailing the membership certificate. Also, please say a prayer for the special needs of the Order.