From publishers and editors:

      "This is great poetry!"

      Brian Geiger, Founder/Editor of
      Vita Brevis, a literary journal

"Wil Michael Wrenn writes in the moods, shades, and emotional
maturity of the late. great Rod McKuen. His poetry deals with
spirituality and nature, life and love, grief and sorrow. His use of
the English language is eloquent yet simple, evocative yet retiring
and most of all his words weave a gentle pathway strewn with
emotion leading into the deep canyons of mind and the tranquil
rivers of soul."

Candice James, Editor
Silver Bow Publishing

"It’s difficult to put a label on Michael Wrenn’s poetry because it
really defies labels. Actually, it is poetry that probably should not
have a label. Some might call it impressionistic, but it goes beyond
that. This poetry, unlike too much of today’s poetry, is clear and
understandable. With some contemporary poetry, it is difficult to
know what the author is saying, but Michael Wrenn’s poetry does
not have to be deciphered. Does this mean that it is simple or
simplistic? No, on the contrary, his poems are often deep, but
nevertheless the meanings are comprehensible.

This poetry does not have the weakness of too much understatement;
on the other hand, it is not gushingly or effusively sentimental. Still,
the poetry is striking in imagery, and it is full of meaning skillfully
conveyed. This is poetry which is deeply moving, touching the
reader’s heart, soul, mind, and spirit.

In short, Michael Wrenn’s poems are stunningly beautiful and
effective, deeply moving and wonderful works of art that will stand
the test of time and continue to endure."

Preston Scott, Publisher
The Cheltenham Review

"Simply put, this is sublime poetry. There is not much being written
these days that can compare to this. These poems go straight to
the heart; they take hold of you and won’t let go. They will be
remembered; they cannot be forgotten. There is no modern
gimmickry here, just well-crafted, heartfelt writing with meaning and
purpose that reaches down into the soul and leaves a lasting impression.
These are poems that should be read by all lovers of poetry."

Claire Brannon, Poetry Editor
The Eire Journal

"Your poem, "I Flung My Dreams", is excellent and most worthy
of inclusion in our anthology of contemporary poetry."

Lincoln B. Young, Owner/Editor
Young Publications

"Call Michael Wrenn's music folk, pop, rock, folk-rock, country-rock,
or something else, but one thing for certain you can call it --
call it good, very good."

Stephen Hargrove, Editor
Troubadours and Vagabonds

"From ballads to folk to rock and other styles not easily defined,
this is timeless music coupled with timeless lyrics -- songs that
are meant to last."

Carmen Wolfe, Publisher
Night Sounds

"Nowadays melodies and lyrics are often lacking in substance,
but not in these songs. They are well-crafted, moving, and
deserving to be heard by a wide audience. They should and
will be remembered."

Ethan Daniels, Editor
Musician's Dream

From friends and colleagues:

"Michael's poetry is heartrending. He has the ability to see the
uncommon in the common and the extraordinary in the ordinary
and communicate that to the reader. His poetry never fails to
touch me. His poems are paintings in words."

Amanda Dobbs, Artist

"Michael's poems and songs come straight from the heart and
soul and go straight to the reader's and listener's heart and soul,
not to be forgotten."

Clayton Carpenter, Musician

                            Original Writing -- Wil Michael Wrenn