Soul Liberty

Soul liberty, or freedom of conscience, is a cherished
spiritual/religious principle. It has traditionally and originally
been held and championed by such groups as the Anabaptists, 
Baptists, and Quakers. Soul liberty is under attack these days, 
even among those who once championed it, including some 
Baptists. The CAC ardently holds to and defends the principle
of soul liberty.

The CAC believes that freedom is a "first principle" of God's
 character and that He has endowed human beings with freedom.

The Scriptures and the CAC Statement of Principles are the basis of affiliation with the CAC, as well as the basis of doctrine and practice. The CAC also recognizes tradition, reason, and experience as secondary sources of authority, but these should be in accord with Scripture and the CAC Statement of Principles. Of course, the ultimate source of authority is the Spirit of God, from Whom all other authority is derived. We hold this position in common with Quakerism.

Over the centuries, so-called Christians from the established state churches --Catholic and Magisterial Protestant--persecuted, tormented, tortured, maimed, mutilated and murdered faithful Christians who sought to live by the principle of soul liberty, or freedom of conscience. These faithful Christians are martyrs and true heroes of the faith. The CAC honors them and stands with them in a steadfast adherence to the cherished principle of soul liberty.

SPECIAL NOTICE: The published views of any member of the CAC--individual or group--does not necessarily reflect the consensus of the CAC on these particular views. On any non-essentials, the CAC allows soul liberty, or freedom of conscience. The CAC will thus not disfellowship anyone because of an opinion which is a non-essential of the faith.

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