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                             The Creation: Handiwork of God

The creation is the handiwork of God; being such a personal expression of our Divine Creator, the creation is itself sacred.

Celtic Christian spirituality and Quakerism are two Christian spiritual traditions which view the created world as sacred. There is a belief that we can experience and come to know God through this world. In these and similar traditions, humans are viewed as being caretakers of God's created world.

In other traditions, however, mankind is seen as being rulers over the earth -- a misinterpretation of the word "dominion" which has led to unfortunate consequences such as cruelty to animals and exploitation of the environment. The CAC, in common with Celtic and Quaker spirituality, in the strongest way possible repudiates this interpretation and practice.

In Romans Chapter 8, verses 18-23, the creation is presented as being redeemed and renewed -- right along with our physical bodies -- by the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. This is part of our great hope as Christians; it is the central part of the Gospel and should be emphasized as such. Thus, though our bodies and the creation are presently subjected to decay and death, yet at the same time both ourselves and the creation are already redeemed and being renewed; this is both a future state and a present reality -- an ongoing sacred action.

The creation is indeed God's expression, and we are a part of it. The creation connects us to the Creator, and God has entrusted his natural world to our care. We are therefore to nurture and protect the creation, not exploit it or abuse it.

We are especially responsible for protecting and caring for the innocent among us -- children and animals. Children and animals have no voice in this world; they have no choice. It is up to us to protect, nurture, and help the helpless -- this is our sacred duty.

The creation is thus a sacred trust that God has given us. Although there is much suffering here, the creation also gives us a glimpse of what God intended in the beginning for it to be, and for us to be. In it we also have a hint of what we and the creation will become when our redemption is fully realized -- liberated from our bondage to decay and reborn into a beautiful world such as God first envisioned and intended, where there will be no more suffering, sorrow, death, or loss!

Included on this page will be sites that help to nurture, preserve, and protect our sacred creation and its inhabitants. The CAC strongly urges support of these sites, according to individual personal preference and principles.

In addition to the organizations below, CAC members and friends should also consider supporting the various environmental organizations, such as the Nature Conservancy, the National Wildlife Federation, the World Wildlife Fund, Friends of the Earth, etc.

St. Jude Children's Research Hospital

Salvation Army USA

Salvation Army International

Christian Children's Fund

Christian Vegetarian Association