Celtic   Anabaptist   Ministries
                                         Theology Schools

Here is a list of theology schools; they offer degrees in
both theology and ministry. The criteria for listing here

(1) They must be affordable. Religious education should
 not cost a fortune or leave a person deeply in debt.

(2) They must be accredited by a Unites States government-recognized accreditor or by a foreign government; their degrees will thus be internationally recognized and accepted.

(3) We will also list legitimate unaccredited schools for those desiring ministry/theology education where secular recognition is not required or deemed necessary by the prospective student.

(4) They must offer degrees which can be completed on a distance learning basis with little or no campus residency required.

(5) They must be flexible.

(6) They must be responsive and helpful.

(7) They must NOT be diploma mills!

The list of schools:

In the United States--

Campbellsville University

Johnson Bible College

Liberty Baptist Seminary

St. Joesph's College of Maine

Temple Baptist Seminary

Holy Apostles College and Seminary

Loyola University, New Orleans

In South Africa--

South African Theological Seminary

University of South Africa

University of the Western Cape

In the United Kingdom--

Spurgeon's College

University of Wales, Lampeter

In Australia--

The Broken Bay Institute