Celtic   Anabaptist   Ministries

The CAC disavows artificial and exaggerated titles.

Jesus had something to say about this -- and He spoke out against using such, several times.

Using these exaggerated titles enforces the idea that those who have them are somehow spiritually superior to and have authority over other Christians. The scriptures teach that no one stands between God and man but Jesus Christ, and we are responsible directly to Him.

These artificial titles also promote self-importance, and this is directly contradictory to the teaching of Jesus. Remember the words of Jesus about the first being last and the last being first.

The ministry is not a position with which to enhance anyone's self-esteem; if anyone
sees it this way, he or she has misunderstood the ministry and is not ready for it.

The ministerial office is one of service and servant-hood, not one of acquiring rank, or position.

The Kingdom of God is different in character than the kingdom of man.

There will never be more bishops in the CAC than pastors. It is a common thing in the independent movement to have frequent outbreaks of "scarlet fever," or the unbecoming seeking of the office of bishop, often for the wrong reasons. The primary duty of a bishop is the spiritual care of pastors; that should be the motivating factor in someone seeking the office of bishop.

The office of archbishop will be rare in the CAC; an archbishop's primary function is the spiritual care of bishops. There is not a need for many archbishops.

In these different offices, simplicity should be the norm, and service is the calling.

Everyone is equal in the church.